Greetings and Welcome to the Sinner's Hopital unsecured webpage.

The Sinner's Hospital primary website is located at

However; we do Self-Certifie our own SSL Certificate, which will cause most web browsers to produce a "SECURITY WARNING" of some kind, when surfing to the website.

The Sinner's Hospital does this because we believe the thousands of dollars it takes to pay for a Trusted Authority Certificate when hosting from our own server, is far too expencive, and are generally just another way big tech keeps the smaller places from offering the same level of protection.

A Self-Signed Certificate is just as secure an SSL certificate as a Trusted Authority Certificate, it just means the Sinner's Hospital spent those thousands of dollars on something else. If you are interested in surfing to the website the instructions below will provide you with information to add the Sinner's Hospital "Self-Signed SSL Certificate" to your browser to cancel your web browsers "SECURITY WARNING".

Follow the Instructions Below to Add the Sinners Hospital Self-Signed Certificate. ...

Surf to using your web browser (in this case Firefox)
and the broswer will complain that the site is not trusted.

Click the box that says Advanced ...

The Advanced options will expand.

The Error is that it's self-signed ... but click the "Accept the Risk and Continue"

In some browsers it asks if you want to permanatly add the self-signed certificate.
If it does, then select "Permanently store this exception" then click, "Confirm Security Exception"

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

The Sinners Hospital runs it's own in house web server, so we are not
sharing any information sent to us on a thrid party server, and as we don't
spend thousands of dollars for a Trusted Authority Signed Certificate.